The Ashland New Plays Festival presents a reading of local playwright Molly Best Tinsley's "The Limits of Bliss" at 7 p.m. Sunday, June 12, at Paschal Winery, 1122 Suncrest Road, Talent. Tickets cost $15.

The production is directed by the festival's artistic director Douglas Rowe and features the acting talents of Sophia Palosaari, Dawnn Pavlonnis, Colleen Pyke, and Roanne Lewis.

Palosaari plays Carly, a young woman who wants to have a child. No one else is interested until the baby is born, whereupon her mother, Liz (Pyke), sets aside their estrangement to help. The sperm donor, Arthur (Rowe), becomes obsessed with fatherhood; and her ex-partner won't leave her alone. Carly decides to throw a dinner party designed to show them all. She shows herself instead, a play synopsis said.