Thanks to council for Parkinson's support

Thanks to council for Parkinson's support

As the Oregon State Coordinator for the Parkinson's Action Network, a volunteer organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., I would like to thank Ashland Mayor John Stromberg and the City Council for declaring April as Parkinson's Awareness Month in Ashland! This was done by proclamation on April 5.

The Parkinson's Action Network is also grateful to the United States Senate for officially declaring April as national Parkinson's Awareness Month on April 6.

Parkinson's awareness is important to me because both my daughter and son-in-law have the disease. Awareness and advocacy are important to them and the entire Parkinson's community. As advocates for the community we can encourage our government to fund research programs to find better therapies and a cure.

Again, thank you Mayor Stromberg and the Ashland City Council for your help!

Mellany Lieuwen

Oregon State Coordinator for the Parkinson's Action Network

The rich are paying their share already

The current proposed budget is $3.7 trillion. Forty percent ($1.48 trillion) will be borrowed. The president and some members of Congress state, "The rich need to pay their share."

Put 100 working people in a room, representing the 150 million-plus U.S. workers. This group will be responsible for paying $1,474,040 in federal taxes (the government will spend this plus an additional $982,700). The top earner will be responsible for 37 percent of this tax, or $545,400. The next nine rounding out the top 10 percent will pay 68 percent of the tax, averaging $50,770 each. Forty-three workers will pay the remaining 32 percent, averaging $10,970 each. Forty-seven workers will pay no federal income tax. Incidentally, 18 percent of the income tax paid will go to pay the interest on our current national debt.

The above-average earners pay their "fair share" and the shares of many others. They are also the business people who create jobs through expansion of their own businesses and through their purchases. As we try to struggle out of this recession, let's not hamstring our efforts by attacking the job creators.

Sharon Keppler

Eagle Point