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  • Proposed cell tower is bad for Ashland; Little difference between men and womenís wages; Tidings, please employ standard English; Beware of bear; A great principle: presumed innocence of the accused
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  • Proposed cell tower is bad for Ashland
    I would like to alert the residents and business owners of Ashland that there is a new cell tower being proposed to be installed on the rooftop of the Ashland cinema. Being a small business owner in the close vicinity, there is concern on many levels. First, being submitted to radiation, (the biggest and unthinkable). Next is property values, as the cell tower will affect many far and wide. It will create a stigma to this area, which is a wonderful neighborhood catering to locals.
    There will be a neighbood meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 9, at the First Presbyterian Church of Ashland, 1615 Clark Ave. (on the corner of Siskiyou Boulevard and Walker Avenue). AT&T is hosting the meeting.
    Let's pull together as a community and deal with this. We cannot allow this to happen in the heart of Ashland.
    Katie Yasui
    Little difference between men and women's wages
    Ms. Reimer's statement that the average woman makes 70 percent of what the average working man makes (see July 2 commentary "Will NOW leader bring movement new focus?") is as true and as misleading as the statement that (in round numbers) the average American adult has one testicle and one breast. This is because, due partly to child-rearing, working women average less work experience than working men. If you compare men and women with the same experience in the same jobs, the difference disappears in most cases in most professions and is reversed in a few. Ms. Reimer is deceptive speaking of a national average that ignores a prime component used in determining wages.
    David Churchman
    Tidings, please employ standard English
    As English teachers struggle to maintain American English as our common tongue, journalists have some obligation to help. Your July 1 headline, "Same bang for less bucks" let the team down. "Less" is for a mass that can be diminished, "fewer" for items that can be counted. That is, "fewer bucks" but "less dough." Please, please try to keep to the standard forms of English, even if you have to employ a smaller font.
    It's hard enough to teach kids English what with "Krispy Kreme" spellings and the ever-mutating globs of slang. You are the country's everyday wordsmiths. Standard English isn't just about diagramming sentences; it provides a basis for understanding even as the language evolves. I can't think of anything we need more than communicating clearly with each other. I don't know who is responsible for politeness (boy, do they have some explaining to do), but you should be our models for correctness and clarity. Please.
    Nancy Ames
    Siskiyou Pass
    Beware of bear
    My daughter and her husband were recently hiking along the TID ditch trail off Park Street in Ashland a few days ago. They came across a bear the size of a Volkswagen Bug, they said. Police were called, then Fish and Game, who went up there with dogs. We have heard nothing about this since. My daughter said this bear would have stood 12 feet high on its hind legs. Citizens of Ashland should be warned about a bear this size!
    Kathleen Hildreth
    A great principle: presumed innocence of the accused
    There is no greater principle in American criminal law and jurisprudence than that of the presumed innocence of the accused. That principle, along with the writ of habeas corpus, is part of the foundation of America's greatness. Hugh Garett ignores this principle when he writes in support of recent Tidings reports concerning Mr. Auchincloss (see July 2 Letters to the Editor). Moreover, his logic and facts are flawed. His logic makes him an exponent of lynch law — you know, "Hang 'em first, then give 'em a fair trial." His horror of a naked person legally walking the streets is also worthy of elucidation. He plays fast and loose with facts: Michael Jackson was never convicted of criminal pedophilia. Mr. Garett is canny enough to refrain from accusing Mr. Auchincloss of anything, except that of complaining of unfair treatment by the press. From his letter, it is clear that whatever Mr. Garret reads in the paper must be the "truth." And that is sad. But where is his concern with due process of law and the rights of the accused who are presumed innocent until the close of the necessary, fair and proper legal course? We all are victims if we ever forget that principle.
    Gerald Cavanaugh
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