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  • The Delineators Back from a short hiatus, the trio The Delineators is ready to rock Caldera Tap House, warming up the crowd with some summer time surf rock. For the Tidings Cafe, the band performed in their bathing s... By Mandy Valencia
    Back from a short hiatus, the trio The Delineators is ready to rock Caldera Tap House, warming up the crowd with some summer time surf rock. For the Tidings Cafe, the band performed in their bathing suits and snow hats.

    "It was just a concept I thought was kind of funny, because it's winter, it's getting colder so why not?" said bass player Kara Gandesbery.

    "It's our way of bringing through winter cheer," said vocalist and guitarist Peter Gandesbery.

    The Gandesberys are joined by Will Shapiro on drums, and the threesome has been playing together for more than 8 years. Describing themselves as instrumental surf rock, the lead vocalists are Shapiro and Peter Gandesbery.

    Married couple Peter and Kara Gandesbery have been busy playing with their James Bond tribute band The Moneypennys, but since a member of that group moved away, they can get back to playing more as The Delineators.

    "A delineator is an orange traffic cone," said Kara Gandesbery. "We thought it was fun and sounded good, like a good surf name."

    Fun and surf are two words that sum up The Delineators, who play a mix of songs by Dick Dale, The Ventures and old television theme songs such as the song from "The Munsters," "Kids in the Hall," "Rawhide" and "Hawaii 5-0." The group also plays some original instrumental songs, as well as modifying favorites by other artists to the style of surf rock.

    "We do a medley of Blue Oyster Cult songs in surf rock," said Peter Gandesbery.

    "With lots of cowbell," added Kara Gandesbery.

    The trio also likes to perform songs by The Pixies in surf rock style.

    "Which has spurred my desire to be in a pixies' cover band," said Shaprio. "They're so good."

    Being a three-piece makes it a lot easier to build up a large repertoire of songs, says Peter Gandesbery. The group has about 40 songs to choose from when performing.

    On Saturday, Nov. 17 at 9 p.m. The Delineators will bring its surf rock shtick to Caldera Tap House, 31 Water St. Cover is $3, although Peter Gandesbery says anyone who shows up in a bikini will get the cover charge waived.

    "Bring your own hoola hoop," said Kara Gandesbery, "BYOHH."

    This will be the trio's first gig in a bar in about a year.

    The last time they performed was in September at The Grotto in Talent. The group has a couple of yearly festivals members like to play, including the North Mountain Park Salmon Festival and the Feather River Festival, east of Chico, Calif.

    "We've gone south more than we've gone north, literally and figuratively," said Peter Gandesbery.

    "We've played at Caldera a number of times and when Lumpy's was a place we played there a few times," said Shapiro. "And the Wild Goose."

    "We've toured north as far as Medford," said Peter Gandesbery.

    Both Peter and Kara Gandesbery as well as Shapiro are students at Southern Oregon University. Kara Gandesbery is pursuing a second bachelor's degree in art, Peter is working towards his second bachelor's degree in Spanish, and Shapiro is doing the masters in teaching program with an emphasis on middle school math.

    "I'm excited about it. Math is so much fun. I'm hoping I can translate that, like my feelings about math for the kids, get them passionate about it," said Shapiro. "Because once you get afraid of math, it's so hard to break that cycle."

    Since Peter is studying Spanish, he's already putting his new skills to use, translating a rendition of "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    "We do 'Free Bird' in Spanish," said Peter Gandesbery.

    "Well, we play it in English, but you sing it in Spanish," Kara Gandesbery said.

    For the Tidings Cafe, the group performed a medley of "The Ecstasy of Gold" from the "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" soundtrack, "House of the Rising Sun" and "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Stan Jones.

    The trio obviously has fun playing together and they would like to have a least one gig a month to look forward to.

    "We're always a good time, the more you drink the better we sound," said Kara Gandesbery. "And we do private parties."
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